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The perfect teapot from Zero Japan - formerly known as Beehouse.

  • Removable lid, easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe ( with metal lid and infuser removed )
  • Elegant and beautiful colors you can choose from
  • Made in Japan, lead-free certified
  • Lid and Infuser: Stainless Steel
  • Product of origin: Japan
Stainless Lid

The stainless lid gives the pot a modern image. It is clipped onto the pot. It will not fall off 
and can be handled with one hand. The lid can be opened with the thumb of the hand holding the pot. When putting the tea leaves in the pot, the lid can stand open. The lid is easily removed for the through cleaning. The lids are universal for all Zero Japan teapots, are replaceable and can be ordered separately.

Original Infuser

Zero Japan infuser is wide and deep so the leaves can fully unfold and release their flavour and aroma. Using the infuser results in a richer tea compared to using fillable teabags. The stainless steel infuser has no impact on flavour of the tea.The infuser is easy to clean. Lift the infuser out of the pot, simply throw the leaves away and rinse it under running water. The infusers are universal for the Zero Japan teapots. 

Zero Japan

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