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Mug Tea Strainer, Kazumi

Product Description

Our 'KAZUMI' loose leaf tea strainer, is designed for brewing every type of tea including ones with finer particles like rooibos teas.  Designed with micro laser cut holes on 18/8 stainless steel, ample room is provided for teas leaves to expand allowing for the perfect brew. It fits in most mugs and can be used in teapots. 
KAZUMI measures 5cm in diameter at the bottom, with the top of the strainer widening slightly at 6cm.  Height is 7cm.  The extended metal lip on the top of the strainer measures 10.5cm allowing it to nicely hang on the brim of most individual mugs.

KAZUMI also comes with a stainless steel lid (not shown in photo).  The lid fits perfectly on top of the strainer to keep tea nice and hot while brewing.  It can also be used underneath the strainer after brewing, as a tray to catch drips.

It's high heat tolerance allows for top rack dishwasher cleaning. 

Our 'Tea Trends' logo is etched into the steel on the lower-front of the strainer.

Each KAZUMI strainer is individually packaged in a 10.5cm Wide x 8cm Deep x 8cm High box.

Fits mugs with 65-95mm width. 
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